Theatre Arts and Dance Newsletters



Owning the Spotlight 

Mary Shabatura is a graduate of 2014 who is lighting up stages across the Twin Cities--literally. Since graduation, Mary has been working on multiple projects as freelance lighting designer. “From lamps to general stage lighting, the lighting emphasizes the time, place, and mood of the story being told on stage.”


A Taste of Theatre Research

Chris Bell is a PhD student who is breaking boundaries and reshaping the way we understand interdisciplinary relationships in academia with his research in both theatre and food studies. “Performance studies offers a way to communicate this issue and these ideas to highlight how important food is to the production of individual and collective identities.”


Science on Stage

Explosions. Fire. Flashes of Light. Theatre meets science with “Energy & U,” an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Department of Theatre Arts & Dance and the College of Science & Engineering to excite elementary students about a future career in the sciences.