Statistics Newsletters



U of M Harbors a Life Passion

“The beautiful thing about statistics is that it is used in everything. It’s just used in everything.” Senior Blake Nhul has a boundless passion for statistics that has led him to co-found the University’s Statistics Club and excel in both academic and professional settings.


Predict and Prepare: Severe Weather

PhD Candidate Lindsey Dietz sees herself as part of a burgeoning moment in researching extreme climatic events. Her research aims to have real-world applications by helping communities and states prepare for these extreme events. Lindsey’s studies shows the ability of statistical research to not only have theoretical implications, but be applied in truly tangible and monumental ways.


Statistics in the Community - Stories by the Numbers

Statistics in the Community (STATCOM) is a School of Statististics endorsed student-run consulting service for non-profit, governmental, and community-service organizations. Currently STATCOM has been aiding the NiceRide bike share program and Compassionate Action for Animals, both local organizations. By providing these organizations with invaluable service, members are able to gain a truly unique experience in a professional setting.