Spanish and Portuguese Studies Newsletters



Julia Potach: A Global Student


Recent CLA grad and Fulbright Scholar Julia Potach was heavily involved in the Spanish and Portuguese studies department. During her time as an undergrad, Julia studied both Spanish and Global Studies and served on the Spanish and Portuguese Undergraduate Studies Committee, on the 2015 Alumni Language Reunion Steering Committee, and participated in service-learning opportunities and study abroad internships.


An Apple in the Airport


Brandon Rogers is currently a graduate student working towards a PhD in Hispanic Linguistics. Brandon has focused his research on the previously undiscovered tie between Chilean intonational patterns and those of the native indigenous language.


Making a Difference in the Latino Community

Over the past ten years, María Emilce López has created and refined an innovative medical service-learning course at the University of Minnesota. This course allows undergraduate students pursuing a major or minor in Spanish the opportunity to use their skills in the greater Twin Cities communities by linking course content with community involvement through programs that serve Spanish-speaking medical patients.