Psychology Newsletters


Investing in the Future

Through the collaborative effort of the Department of Psychology and Prodeo Academy, graduating senior Anita Kimaiga is interning in a position where she can impact the future in a very real way.


A New Center Brings New Opportunities 

Professor Andrew Oxenham is the scientific co-director of the University’s new Center for Applied and Translational Sensory Science. This center brings not only new technology to the disposal of the psychology department, but also the potential for greater collaboration between the social, physical, biological, medical and engineering sciences, and industry partners.


Extending the Half-life of the Volunteer

Most people would assert that volunteering is a good behavior and essential for the community, yet of the people who hold this belief, few actually volunteer. This contradiction is of particular importance to Professor Mark Snyder, who has spent more than 20 years studying volunteerism.


Adding Psychology to Voice Disorder Treatment


Patients’ mental health can play a large role in their physical recovery. Professor Patricia Frazier is currently working on an online psychosocial intervention for patients with voice disorders to examine whether it can improve patient outcomes.