Political Science Newsletters



Professor John Sullivan - Leaving with a Legacy

Regents Professor John Sullivan, alumnus and faculty member at the University of Minnesota since 1975, has retired. During his tenure in the Department of Political Science, Professor Sullivan specialized in political tolerance, political psychology, election politics, American politics, as well as electronic communication. His contributions to the research community are among the best in the nation.


Representative Drew Christensen: Putting Millennials on the Map 

In November 2014, Representative Christensen joined former Representative Tad Jude--who was first elected to the House in 1972--as the youngest House member in Minnesota state history. Albeit an outstanding accomplishment at such a young age, Drew’s success comes as no surprise.


Logistics Leviathan: Producing and Disrupting the Global Supply Chain

Growing up in Singapore, home to the world’s busiest transshipment port, graduate student Charmaine Chua admits that the mundane details of commerce and trade never fascinated her. They were backdrops to daily life at best: it was common to see giant cranes lifting 30-ton steel blocks onto ships as big as skyscrapers, so that the dangerous, technical work of port operations seemed no different from a computer game.


Women in Politics


On December 4th, 2015, the University Political Science Student Association (UPSA) partnered with the Department of Political Science to host a forum regarding the challenges, opportunities, and successes of women in Minnesota politics.