History Newsletters



States of Incarceration

Undergraduate Brianna Wilson had a unique opportunity to contribute to the national dialogue on incarceration through Professor Kevin Murphy’s fall semester class, Public History: Public Memory and Mass Incarceration. Through engaging dialogue, she brought two groups of people together over a thought-provoking conversation.


Revealing Historical insights through Julia Child


Professor Tracey Deutsch is currently working on a project that looks into Julia Child and her fame in the middle of the 20th century. While her accomplishments as a chef were great achievements in themselves, examining the life of Julia Child can also provide new insight into the politics of her time.


Re-imagining Hennepin History Museum


Former history and scandinavian studies undergrad Cedar Imboden Phillips is now the Director of Hennepin History Museum. Between Phillips and her co-workers, efforts to transform the museum and re-imagine its audience have brought new life into the long-established organization.