Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies Newsletters


The Subversive Genius Behind GWSS Department Status

Core founding faculty member, Professor Naomi Scheman, has long been a pivotal and innovative force in the Department of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies. While chairing the then Women’s Studies program from 1986-1989, she discreetly upgraded it to department status by simply ordering new stationery and correcting everyone, including deans, who continued to say “program.” Her subversive spirit in and outside of the classroom is one of the things that makes her a true GWSS treasure. 


Big Ideas Leading to Big Accomplishments

Nicole Starr, recipient of this year’s CLA’s Alumni Notable Achievement award, set out to create her world within her own parameters after graduation from the department in 1998. Starr’s love for big ideas guided her through an incredible journey of trial and error, eventually allowing her to find her place as a Ramsey County Judge, and made her an exemplary role model for future GWSS grads.


A Closer Look at Sex Trafficking Rhetoric

When the United Kingdom marked the 200-year anniversary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade, the British government and its citizens celebrated their proclaimed role in abolishing slavery. Professor Annie Hill noticed something strange about Britain’s heroic portrayal of itself, and she knew then that her next research project had to explore this peculiarity


Pairing Academics with Passion

When she won the Helen Hawthorne Hartung award for her digital video project, “Queerbaiting,” undergraduate Olivia Riley felt a sense of validation that confirmed her passion was worthwhile and meaningful to others. A self-described “fan girl” with a critical eye, Riley brought her passion for studying gender and performativity into her final project for GWSS 1004: Screening Sex and found great success.