Global Studies Newsletters



Beyond the Borders of the Classroom

Ricardo Bennett-Guzman is pursuing art and global studies majors, a pairing he found resonates with his deep interest in human rights. Using film and immigration research, Ricardo wants his work to be geared toward the community and seeks to influence people to engage with their own communities as well. 


The Unseen Global City

Global studies and sociology professor Michael Goldman looks at urbanization practices that leave residents with the task of managing life in a city captured by global desires. “Global cities are alive with two very different social imaginaries: Those who desire to rebuild the city with ‘world-class’ infrastructure versus the urban majority’s concerns of being dispossessed by these elite projects,” he says


The Benefits of Collaborative Learning

Tom Wolfe, associate professor of history and global studies, taught a European Studies course last spring with a unique approach: The course was run like a think tank and examined four pressing issues in contemporary European life. Students investigated recent events and analyzed public policy in Europe.