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How Climate Change is Influencing Birth Weights in Africa

As temperature increases, precipitation decreases, and food availability is unstable. This is a major challenge for poor communities in third world countries. Assistant Professor Kathryn Grace has most recently examined how this is affecting birth weight and more specifically how it links to low birth weight babies in Africa.


Geography and CLA Pave the Way for a Career in Academia

Talia Anderson nurtured a deep interest in working on environmental issues in Central America during a study abroad experience in Venezuela during spring semester of her sophomore year. After a field week experience abroad in Guatemala during her junior year, Talia was granted an Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program scholarship for her research on tree rings in relation to climate in Guatemala. These experiences have helped shape her path for the future.


Brown Day 2016


Geography celebrated the 53rd annual Ralph H. Brown Day this past April. The event aims to encourage conversation among geography students, faculty, and alumni from across the Department of Geography, Environment & Society. Professor Dan Brown from the University of Michigan presented the keynote lecture.