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Research Illuminates Undergrad's Career Path

After working in the mortgage industry for several years, Corissa Marson’s interest in economics and research inspired her to enroll in the University of Minnesota. Majoring in economics and political science, Corissa sought out research experiences that taught her how to analyze data and apply it to real world challenges.


Deciphering China's Puzzling Capital Flows

Since the 1980's, China has experienced an economic boom. Not only is China a manufacturer of ubiquitous household goods, it is also catching up to the US as a global producer in high-tech areas. In the early 1990’s, China experienced a surge in its inflow of foreign direct investment, as is expected in a quickly developing country. However, upon closer examination of the data, Professor Ellen McGrattan found that only a small percentage of the money was coming from the US, Western European countries or Japan. If it wasn’t flowing in from advanced countries as theory would suggest, then where was it coming from?


New Trends in Income Inequality

Is rising CEO compensation the culprit for income inequality? Contrary to popular belief, recent research suggests that executive pay isn't to blame for the wage divide. Rather, the gap between between high-paying firms and low-paying firms over the past three decades has been widening. The inequality resulting from between firm differences may have harmful effects on a range of social outcomes we value, from education to health to economic growth to democracy and more. On March 1, the Heller-Hurwicz Economics Institute hosted a panel discussion at the New York Yacht Club tackling this issue.