Chicano and Latino Studies Newsletters


Taking the Stage

BFA alumna Katie Klieger moved to New York City after a senior year starring in productions on all three of the Guthrie Stages. "I want to remain centered and true to my values that echo my Midwestern roots and not the let city change my outlook, life, and my career. My goal is to work on projects that relate to what I am wholeheartedly passionate about." 


Dancing Memories

“I tell stories through dance and try to express social issues with audiences through personal stories which are partly remembered, partly researched, and partly imagined,” says professor Ananya Chatterjea.


From the Classroom to the Stage

BA students in the department of Theatre Arts and Dance create their own shows twice a semester through the Creative Collaboration program. From performing in a haunted maze at ValleyFair amusement park to creating an original show to perform in the Rarig Center, no two Creative Collaboration projects are ever quite the same