Let's Go "Up North"

By Audra Weigand


Being a native Minnesotan myself, I have become accustomed to seeing my friends and neighbors pack their bags for a weekend trip to the magical place that we in Minnesota affectionately refer to as “up north”. (See image below if you need some clarification.)



So, I think you can imagine my excitement when my parents informed me that they had purchased a cabin “up north” on Big Sandy Lake! Although we have owned the cabin for a few months now, I was so busy with final exams and presentations that I couldn’t make it up for a trip, that is, until last weekend. After seeing my cabin for the first time, I have compiled a short list of my favorite moments and nuances that have without a doubt helped me fall in love with lake life.


1. In the morning, the lake is so quiet that you can hear each living creature moving about its day. My favorite lake sound is by far the call of the loons, but I could also hear muskrats swimming back and forth, bald eagles flapping their wings and fish jumping in the distance. It is a tranquil time free of technology or obligations.



2. While motorboats are fun, a simple kayak trip every day can help you reconnect with        nature. My sister and I went on several kayak trips together and we were able to get up close and personal with the wildlife.



3. You get to see some pretty spectacular sunsets and sunrises.


4. Finally, nothing beats sitting around a fire with people you care about while exchanging stories, without the distraction of a phone buzzing.


It is a great privilege to have a cabin or home on the lake. My grandma once told me, “if you are lucky to live by the water, you are lucky enough.” I am looking forward to making more memories and having more amazing experiences at my family’s cabin.


Laura BeierComment