A Cat Lover’s Shopping List

Written by Mikayla Borchert

 My cat, Phoebe

My cat, Phoebe


My friends would jokingly tell you that I'm a crazy cat lady--it runs in my family! Seriously though, my cat is an enormous source of joy in my life. Unfortunately, I don’t get to see her much these days. Even with awesome programs on campus like PAWS, it is easy to feel animal-deprived as a college student. Adopting and caring for an animal can be too expensive and time consuming for most students, and visits home to see the family pet can be few and far between.


Luckily, cats have become somewhat of a fashion recently, and tons of cute household decorations are available to remind me of my favorite family member. Here are five cat themed items that I’ve had my eye on recently.




Do you and your roommates perpetually dance around whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher? Does it end up getting half emptied and then nobody remembers if it’s clean or dirty? Solve this problem forever with a little sign to keep track for you. Just check that your dishwasher is magnetic before ordering, because it would be a huge bummer to have to send something this cute back!




Some nights just need a little extra flair. Whether you’re a fan of wine or fancy sparkling juices from Trader Joes, this glass and stopper set is perfect for adding that charm to your Snapchat story. The only way it could be better is if it came as a full kitchen set. Matching plates and bowls? Yes please.




Every cat owner has a story about being woken up by their fluffy friend. The first thing my cat does in the morning is meow (scream) for the kitchen faucet to be turned on. My mornings are missing their sparkle ever since I moved away. With this mug, coffee time can still include a happy cat. Plus, can you really ever have too many coffee mugs?




My kitchen is a mash-up of items from eight roommates, and I need to add some more essentials to my own collection. These handmade potholders are the perfect thing to inject a little personality into my cooking routine. I’m personally a bigger fan of oven-mitts, but these are too fun to say no to. Besides, they would work equally as well as a place to rest serving dishes (or to hang on the wall for aesthetics).




I come from a family of glasses people. Remember Velma from Scooby Doo? That’s us. Sometimes when we take our glasses off, we can’t find them again because you need the thing that helps you see to find the thing that helps you see. This dish is an easy to see, designated spot to set your glasses. Looks like I just found my mom’s Mother’s Day gift.


While all these items are adorable and cheesy, they cannot replace the joy of having a real cat (or any pet) in your home. So, if you’re able to care for an animal, head on over to the humane society and find a creature to take home and love. If you can’t adopt a pet but still want to get involved, they’re always looking for volunteers, foster homes, and donations. Something as simple as a toy would help an animal in need.