When Life Gives You Lemons...

Written by Audra Weigand



Something that has been on my mind today is how to handle sour people within our lives (hence the phrase “When life gives you lemons…”). I recently had a conversation with a higher-up about my performance during my last semester of school. To my surprise, this individual responded by saying that I was under-qualified and that I lacked focus.


For many people like myself, it is very difficult to hear other people disapprove of who you are or what you do. I like to think of these people as being a sour part in an otherwise sweet life. The metaphor describes how in life we unfortunately will meet people that we don’t agree with or people who don’t understand or accept us for who we are. One of the reasons I am so passionate about human rights is because this misunderstanding can have serious consequences- especially for those who are misunderstood more than I.


So the question becomes, what do I do about it? Well, I personally am a supporter of taking the higher road- but at the same time letting the person know that you are not alright with how they treated you or what they said. In my case, this person stated that I was “distracted”. I took it upon myself to inform them that for the past 6 months I have been supporting someone very close to me who has a mental illness. Not to mention that I have been involved in many clubs and other activities through school. It is important to recognize that the sour person does not know who you are or your whole story.


One must also realize that when sour people are disapproving, we have the right to be upset about it, but we can’t internalize it as being true. These sour people are bad about spreading love and instead choose to incite hate.


The biggest advice I could give anyone who has dealt with this is to realize that you are a beautiful, smart and amazing individual and you don’t need approval. You were put on this earth to be true to your own nature and instincts. You are good enough, you are worthy enough, you are qualified enough- simply for being yourself.





This whole thought process comes back to how you view yourself and how you want to handle the negativity within your life. As noted in Beyoncé’s visual album, “I was given lemons… but I made lemonade” (Shout out to my friend Ronnie!) Together we must take the hate given to us and fight back for ourselves and our rights. And who knows, maybe those sour individuals will turn sweeter once they have heard our side of things. If not, at least we aren’t giving them the power to make us feel inadequate because we know our own self-worth.


Don’t believe the lies that these sour people tell you- that is what they want you to do.


Love yourself and life will become sweeter.