How to Survive the Perpetual Minnesota Winter

Written by Laura Beier

 Photograph credits: OneClass

Photograph credits: OneClass


Here we are, a week into April, and there’s still snow pouring from the clouds. After a long and chilly winter, we were all expecting by now we’d at least be able to shed the parkas, but no -- that’s not how Minnesota rolls.


So how are we supposed to survive another week, maybe even month, of this cold and harsh season? Here’s a few tips to keep looking on the bright side until spring *finally* rolls around:



1. Layer and Stay Cozy


It’s not getting any warmer, so might as well keep wearing those sweaters you got during the holiday season and layer it up! Plus, the cold weather is an excuse to dress comfy, not cute, so take advantage.


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2. Eat Comfort Food


Cold weather is also an excuse for those indulgent meals and snacks you can’t necessarily justify if you’re working on that summer bod (I do it anyway, but everyone’s different). Keep off the sugar though -- less sugar is correlated with more energy.


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3. Exercise!


While this may be the last thing you want to do as the weather dumps on your morale, exercise has been proven countless times to improve your mood. Get those endorphins flowing for just an hour and you’ll forget that it’s 20 degrees in April.


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4. Indulge in Your Hobbies


As you’re spending more time inside than you’d planned (or would like), do some of those hobbies you usually wouldn’t have time for! Whether it’s diving into a new murder mystery or watercolor painting, your favorite creative pastime is sure to cheer you up.


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5. Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up


Leaving the warm comfort of your bed to enter the tundra that awaits you outside may seem like the last thing you want to do, but resisting hitting snooze and making the most of your day will make you feel much better than wallowing in bed all day and avoiding your responsibilities. Be just as (or more) productive as you would be if it were warm out -- take that, Minnesota!


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6. Remember Spring is Coming!


Just because spring is a little late this year doesn’t mean it’s not coming! *Knocks on wood to not jinx it* Think of all the fun things we can do when the sun is out and the sidewalks are dry to get you through this slush-filled time, like biking around the city or sunbathing at Bde Maka Ska!