Hold up—We’re Finally Graduating?

10 thoughts every second-semester senior has.


Written by Lauryn Myhra

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The life of a second-semester senior is quite the rollercoaster. If you are one, I’m sure you’ve had nearly all of these thoughts. If you aren’t one, just wait—you’ll understand one day.



This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Four years (give or take…), countless late nights, eight finals weeks, and two-ish major/minor switches later, and we have finally made it.





2. “If I don’t do this assignment will it really prevent me from graduating?”

We’ve all been there. Down to the .05% we have calculated what exactly we have to do to pass the class and make it to graduation. More often than not, the answer to this question is no, it will not. So treat yourself. You deserve a break.




3. “Next person to ask me what I’m doing after graduation is getting hurt.”

    Just don’t ask. We’re stressed enough as it is.





4. “Hire me, I’m great.”

Also, take this piece of paper that says everything I’ve ever done and further displays my greatness.





5. “I should probably figure out how to do my own taxes now.”

    I mean, they can’t be that hard, right?





6. “Do I really want to graduate? The real-world is kind of scary...”

What’s another three years? Tommy Boy would never lead us in the wrong direction.




7. “Is this when I learn to cook adult food, or does that come later?”

Newsflash: being able to perfectly cook Pizza Rolls does not make you a good cook.





8. “I can’t wait to pay off this student debt!!”

*crying on the inside* But hey, you’ll never have to fill out the FAFSA again. So take that win and enjoy the six months you have before you need to start paying off your loans.





9. “Sooo how does graduation work?”

Is there a concession stand? Wait, the ceremony lasts how long? Are gowns provided? What color is my tassel? What time do I have to show up? The questions could go on forever….





10. “I’m genuinely not sure how I made it this far.”

But what matters is that you have made it this far. You’re so close—be sure you make it to the finish line and get that $100K piece of paper.