Rethinking Breakfast

Written by Sawyer Boyles



For many college students, breakfast is arguably the most important but also most difficult meal of the day. With late nights and early mornings, willing yourself to make a full breakfast before your 9AM class can be a bit tricky. However, if you set aside 20 minutes to make a full breakfast you will absolutely see the benefits throughout the entire day.


First and foremost, you should find a breakfast routine that works for you. Everyone’s schedule is a little different so not everyone will have the same amount of time to make the same breakfast each morning. Additionally, not everyone’s taste in food is the same. Although eggs and toast may be my go-to breakfast option, you might hate eggs or have other dietary restrictions. Find breakfast foods that work for you but still keep you energized throughout the day.


The first step in having a more impactful breakfast is cutting the juice. Sure, having a cup of orange juice every once in awhile won’t hurt you, but don’t fool yourself. Juice is just soda that tastes like fruit. Instead of juice try opting for beverage options that are going to keep you hydrated and steer you away from unnecessary sugars. If you are a coffee person, go you! I would absolutely recommend purchasing a french press. For only $20 you will be able to make coffee that rivals any hipster coffee house in the Twin Cities. If you are not a coffee person, there are still plenty of great options such as tea, smoothies, and even water that will quench your thirst with your early morning breakfast.


Protein is critical. Even if you’re not a person who goes to the gym regularly (I’m not) protein is still the key component of every great breakfast and will give you energy throughout the entire day. Likely the best and easiest option for protein at breakfast is going to be eggs. With a cooking time of under 10 min, eggs are an easy and time efficient way to start your morning off on the right foot. In addition to eggs, feel free to add sausage, ham, or even bacon to the mix. If meat or animal products aren’t for you, there are still plenty of great protein options you can choose from such as beans, quinoa, and tofu. In addition to great protein options such as eggs or tofu, don’t hesitate to add some carbohydrates into your breakfast. Things such as toast and hashbrowns work great with breakfast and will help keep you from feeling hungry directly after eating.


In order to cut through heavy protein foods,try adding some fresh fruits and vegetables into your breakfast routine. Not only are fresh fruits and vegetables incredibly tasty, they are also packed with amazing minerals and vitamins that can help to prevent various diseases and keep you energized. If eating fruits or veggies straight isn’t your thing, try blending them up with some yogurt for a great breakfast smoothie.


Unfortunately, you likely won't be able to make a full breakfast everyday. However, opting for a banana with peanut butter toast, and skipping the Pop-Tart, will keep you feeling refreshed and energized well past your 9AM lecture.