The Remaining Days

Written by Tiffany Nguyen

 Photograph credits: Kevin Vimonkhon

Photograph credits: Kevin Vimonkhon


Dear ASU,


A year ago when I stood in front of all those people during my election round, I felt a rush of sentiment and melancholy. It was this exact moment here, where I am writing this in the last remaining days that I am a board member of the Asian-American Student Union, that I had already envisioned. The amount of work and dedication that would be expected for the position was already something that I had anticipated, but there was also a moment of imagining how it would all come to an end. It was a sense of relief, yet also a feeling of desperation and emptiness, that had been filled by the individuals of the community.


I came into college not knowing what I wanted. My Asian-American identity had been pushed back and ignored for the longest time; however, I immersed myself in this community and found people who are all like me, who struggle with the same issues as me, who understand and emphasize with me.


I found where I wanted to be.


Reflecting back on the year, I have realized how much the environment has changed as well as the individuals around me. I’m grateful to have been part of this opportunity, creating and cultivating this environment with all of my board members: Justin Thao, Leena Yang, Fowzi Abdulle, Jessica Nguyen, Jon Woodey, Nurul Quratulaini Abd Salim Nast, Lucy Thao, Dean Nguyen, Phuong Tran, Allison Perales, and Karly Oak.


Going back to the day of elections, the question that still rings within me would be: “What is ASU’s brand?”. If I had to go back, I would not change my answer: “ASU’s brand is everyone who is sitting in this room right now. The individuals who are part of this community are the brand of ASU.”


I will always be a community member and be proud to have been part of this experience.