Free Google Chrome Extensions that Make Your Life Easier

Written by Kyle Tsuchiya



Google Chrome is the ‘people’s champion’ of web browsers; it has been reported that the browser has over 1 billion active users, making it far more popular than Firefox and Safari. Chrome is praised for its ease of use, integration with all of Google’s services, and extensive extensions library. Here are just a few FREE extensions that will surely heighten your web browsing experience.



Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 10.53.06 AM.png


Momentum turns your new tab page into an aesthetically pleasing, personalized dashboard. It greets you by name, displays a beautiful picture that changes every day, shares an inspirational quote, tells you the weather, and more. If you’re looking for some extra motivation and inspiration to get your work done, this is an extension for you.






Calling all online shopping fanatics! This is a must-have extension for anyone that orders items online. Simply click on the Honey button during checkout, and the program will automatically attempt to apply potentially applicable coupon codes to your order. There are times when none of the codes work, but it’s an incredibly easy way to at least have a chance at saving money.


Honey is particularly useful on Amazon. It automatically compares prices of different sellers so you for sure get the best deal. Additionally, it is common for prices of products on Amazon to fluctuate frequently, and Honey will let you know when prices are at their lowest.





Grammarly pic.png


Grammarly is best described as ‘spell-check on steroids.’ It makes sure your emails, social media posts, and documents are impactful, professional, and mistake-free. It goes beyond simply checking for correct spelling; It can detect contextual spelling errors (i.e. your vs. you’re) and grammaratical errors. It also provides you with weekly emails with statistics and insights on your writing performance. The next time you write an important email to a professor or a future employer, Grammarly can help you feel at ease pressing ‘send.’




Are you one of these people?:

Too Many Tabs.png


If yes, OneTab is the perfect extension for you. With just one click, your 50 bajillion tabs compress down into one tab with a list of every website you had open. This reduces the clutter on your browser while maintaining easy access to each site. If you need to restore your tabs, you can easily do so individually or all at once.



Hover Zoom

Hover Zoom.jpg


Hover Zoom makes browsing images and GIFs easier than ever before. When you hover your mouse over a thumbnail image, the full resolution image shows up in a pop-up window. The window goes away when you move your mouse off of the thumbnail. This is particularly useful on websites like Reddit and image search sites (e.g. Google Images, Imgur) that feature an abundance of images and GIFs that have small thumbnails.