The Last Stretch: Tips to Finish the Spring Semester Strong

Written by Selena Thor

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Spring break is a great way to recharge, to come back into the spring semester and finish strong. But how does one get back into the college routine after spring break? How can you motivate yourself to go two more months, when all you want to do is lay in bed or go back to the beach? It takes organization, productivity, and The Office to help you conquer the last two months.


After spring break, you probably feel like this:


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You’re not alone! Getting back into routine is hard when you’ve had a whole week to relax and do nothing. What can you do? I’ve listed essential tips down below to help you ease yourself back into the semester and to dominate your classes for a strong finish to the year.


1. Write down your assignments


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Write down what you need to get done, whether it be on a Word document on your computer, a post-it note, or in your planner. Not only is writing it down a reminder, but it’s a commitment. Take these lists seriously. By being on top of your assignments and staying diligent about your workload, you can manage your assignments and exams without being stressed out at the end of the year.


2. Manage your time


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Along with writing down what you need to accomplish, plan out how you’re going to manage your time. First, mark down additional exams that will happen before finals. You don’t want to be blindsided by them. Next, block out time for each subject. If you know your psychology class is going to take 2 hours, block that time off on a calendar (like Google Calendar), or write it down next to your assignment. By blocking out time, it commits you to get that assignment done at that time and day.


3. Take breaks


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Blocking out times for your assignments are great, but it’s also important to block out time for breaks. You don’t want to overload your brain with too much information for too long. Giving your brain a break will refresh your focus and enable you to process the information better. Keep breaks at a maximum of 10 minutes. Anything after that can get dangerous (as in giving up on your assignments completely).


4. Eat a good breakfast!


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Start your day strong with a good breakfast! Fuel yourself for all the hard work you’ll accomplish that day. Grab an extra cup of coffee, and make yourself a waffle; you’ll need it to make your day as productive as it can be!


5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help




Don’t understand a concept? Go to office hours! Need help with that 12 page research paper? Go to the writing center! If you clear up confusing concepts early, you’ll be able to focus on new material in class instead of dwelling on concepts that you don’t understand and that you hope won’t show up on the exam. Understand those concepts so you can earn that A on your exam!


At the end of the semester, you’ll feel like this:


giphy (6).gif


Stay focused and stay on top of your assignments, gophers. Only two more months to go!


Spring break is every college student’s paradise during the spring semester. You have a whole week to relax, to get away from the university and your classes, and to spend time for yourself. But a week is only 7 days, or in order words, only 168 hours. That isn’t enough time when you have 15 weeks in the spring semester, or 2520 hours.