My (Current) Top 5 Netflix Shows

Written by Audra Weigand


Like most of my college-aged peers, I am always in search of a good Netflix show to watch for a few hours while I procrastinate on my homework a bit. I have compiled a list here of some of my favorite Netflix shows that I have been watching during the past year. Hope you enjoy!


1. Stranger Things


If you have a Netflix account and haven’t watched this show yet, you need to immediately. Stranger Things takes place in the 80’s and everything from the set to the costuming to the actors themselves is insanely historically accurate. If you are a fan of Goonies or The X-Files, you will definitely love this show. It combines the perfect mix of humor, mystery, suspense and realism that will make you watch the entire first season in a day (no joke I did that the first time I watched it). Soon you will understand the hype about the upside-down and why a little girl is named Eleven.


2. Jane the Virgin


Think telenovela meets modern day realism. This show never fails to keep me on my toes. While there are aspects of plot that are totally unrealistic, there are moments that are so tender and loving that it will bring you to tears. Not to mention that the main actress Gina Rodriguez is excellent in her role as Jane.


3. Daredevil


I am not much of a superhero or Marvel fan, but once I started watching this show, it was hard to stop. The action is darker and more intense than your typical Marvel movie but it provides an excellent cast and a cool storyline. If you are looking for an action show, this is the one for you!


4. Parenthood


While this show can definitely be cheesy at times, there are certain scenes that bring forth tenderness and display the support that family can provide. I am going to provide a disclaimer that this show definitely caters to a white upper-middle class family (with hardly any diversity from the cast) but many of the storylines are relatable.


5. Friday Night Lights


If you are a fan of football, or just sports in general, then this is the show for you! It takes place in a small town in Texas and centers around a high school football team and their coach Eric Taylor. It is a simple show, but it will remind you of how inspiring sports can be and how participating in athletics can greatly impact a person’s life.


Well, those are some of my favorite Netflix shows for now! Keep your eyes out for another blog sometime in the future because I will definitely have more shows to write about after procrastinating my way through this semester!


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