Breaking the Four-Year Myth: Why It’s Okay to Take Your Time

Written by Thidasavanh Crockett

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When you graduate high school, many of us are expected to go to college knowing what we want to major in and graduate in four years. I started at the University in the Fall of 2015, and now being a junior I know that I will not graduate within four years; and that is okay.


I used to get caught up in the thought of not being able to graduate with my friends or being able to finish college when I said I would, but I do not regret the decisions I made that have brought me to this point. For all of those who feel the same way I used to, I will include two reasons that have helped me come to terms with taking longer in college!


Today’s Society is Slowly Shifting Over to Graduating in Five Years

Most college students at public universities end up completing their bachelor’s degree in six years, according to a study by Complete College America. Many majors/minors have degree requirements to complete that students are taking longer in college to finish taking these courses. Especially if they are double majoring or have a minor, it can be harder to plan out your courses until graduation given the different requirements each one expects of you.


College is An Important Part of Your Life

Going to college has so many layers to it: you are here to get an education, make connections, experiment, explore, and figure out what you're good at and what you like. If you need to take a break for a semester--do it! If you want to take an extra year to study abroad--go for it! Or maybe you’re like me and realize what you want to major in really late in your college career and now you’re playing catch up--that’s fine too!


There is no need to feel ashamed of taking longer in school to figure out what you want to pursue as a career. If anything I give you kudos for taking the initiative and being willing to make an investment into your education. We are not paying all this money just to overwork and stress ourselves to graduate in four years.