Why You Should Go Sledding This Winter


Written by Chad Faust

You remember sledding when you were younger, right? Sliding on snow pants, trekking over to your neighborhood hill coated with a new layer of snow, and digging in your snow boots as you slowly but surely climbed to the top. You’d slide down the hill with your friends, tumbling over each other, making chain-like structures with your arms, eventually slowing and tumbling to a stop. Afterwards, after shimmying and shaking your way out of your drenched winter snow gear, you’d decompress with a cup of hot cocoa and throw on a movie.

A lot of people have the tendency to almost hibernate in the winter, as they sometimes feel like there isn’t much to do. With a combination of cold weather and little sun, it can be hard to find that motivation to do anything besides watch Netflix and indulge in warm drinks. However, I encourage you to try sledding this winter season: it’s the easiest and most exciting way for you to feel like a kid again.

Sledding is a midwest essential, an activity you can participate in at any age, with very little equipment. All you need is some comfortable winter gear (or not, if you aren’t afraid of frostbite) and a sled, whether it’s a saucer, a toboggan or even a cafeteria lunch tray. Arguably the most family-friendly winter activity, there isn’t a better way to spend an afternoon than sledding.

The triumphant nature of sledding is unlike any other winter activity, too. The journey from the bottom to the top of the sledding hill can be treacherous, often slippery. But the satisfaction of reaching the top is unparalleled, the feeling of pride that comes from not partaking in the use of a chairlift in order to get back up again. This sense of accomplishment is soon overshadowed by the sheer amount of joy associated with flying down the hill, but it’s important nonetheless.

There’s no money involved: in fact, sledding as an alternative to other outside winter activities like skiing and snowboarding is a great way to save money while experiencing the same kind of adrenaline rush. All you need is snow and a hill for the perfect mix of both fitness and fun. This winter, choose sledding as your activity of choice, saving money and making memories simultaneously. Take your friends, family, or even people you don’t know and enjoy the greatest winter pastime.