A Year’s End in Photography: Sorting through 2017


Written by Jacob Van Blarcom

I wish there was a moment I could recall when the realization struck that what I was producing through the lens of my camera was art. I cannot remember such an epiphany, one with the blinding clarity I’d expect from a bolt of lightning, where I first became willing to see the man who stood before me in the mirror as an artist. This epiphany crept up on me slowly, growing like ivy, tightening its grip on the camera I slung around my neck to become my eyepiece and worldview through which I felt the most alive.  

Now standing at the end of 2017, with my hard drive spilling with volumes of photos compressed into folders, each standing as individual, ephemeral ticks of time preserved through the translation of light into pixels, I took on the task to find the photographs that informed my identity the most to where I am today, as a homage to the memories and the people that helped me produce them.

It is worth noting that my craft transcends far beyond the shutter click, as I aim to heighten reality through the careful augmentation and perfection of authentic detail alongside the balance of light and color (or lack thereof).

I present an eclectic collection of just 10 of my favorite images of 2017, which include the photographs that challenged the beliefs I tightly held about my capabilities and hesitancy to identify as a photographer.


He-y, lookou-t

March 17, 2017


St. Anthony Main Stationary

April 21, 2017


Everyday in it

June 10, 2017


A few minutes ago we were 11

July 10, 2017



August 1, 2017


-matic (self portrait)

August 15, 2017


Northern Pacific Bridge #9 (no fade)

September 14, 2017


The vibrant alright

September 15th, 2017



October 16th, 2017

painterly copy.jpg

Post-tweny pictorialist (self portrait)

October 31st, 2017