8 tips and tricks for riding buses around campus

Written by Sawyer Boyles

Returning to school means returning to finding the fastest and easiest route to class. For those of you who enjoy walking, go you! Exercise is great. However, for those of you who are looking for the fastest way to class look no further. Regardless of whether it’s the city bus or a campus connector, these tips and tricks will help navigating the bus system and make getting to class on time a breeze!

1.     Be prepared to run after the bus in an effort to make it to your 9:00 am class at least twice a week. No matter what transit app that you are using, you will generally find yourself running down the street to beat the bus to your stop. The city bus might stop for you; the university buses will not.

gif 1.gif

2.     If you are using a U pass on the city bus be prepared for it to rarely work the first time you try it. The red error sign will show up, but you should be fine if you swipe it again.

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3.     Watch out for the packed hours. Early morning rides on the 3 heading westbound and campus connectors heading towards Saint Paul campus around 3:00 pm are usually the busiest times. Be prepared to be shoulder to shoulder with your fellow Gophers as you ride to class during these times.

4.     If you are standing on the bus, hold fast! If you aren’t holding onto something you will be on the other side of the bus or falling head first over someone before you can even blink.

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5.     No one ever looks remotely happy on the bus. Unless you see your best friend, be ready to exchange freezing cold, absurdly unhappy glances with other strangers trying to get where they are going.

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6.     Stick by the door if your stop is next. If you are in the middle of the bus when your stop comes you will need to muster super human strength to pull your way through all the people.

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7.     As cold season approaches, be sure to wash your hands before eating anything. It is best not to think about how many hands held the same metal bar that you did on the ride home.

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8.     Even though at times it can be tough, be thankful for the bus and say thank you to the drivers. This may not seem important now, but just wait until it's February and the snowbanks are taller than you. 

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