Wanderlust is a term that we are all familiar with, especially in the age of social media. Constantly we are exposed to images from all stretches of the globe. Many times I find myself jealous that I cannot travel as much as I would like,  causing me to subsequently scour the web for photos of places that I wish to visit.

In my constant state of wanderlust and in an attempt to quench my thirst for travel, I have begun to follow many unique Instagram accounts. I have found some truly extraordinary photographers and accounts that frequently document their breathtaking experiences of nature. Here are my top 5 favorite Instagram accounts for the traveler in all of us:


Pangea follows the photography of Johannes Höhn, the founder and photographer for the Pangea agency. Pangea’s focus on social media campaigns feature a repertoire of fantastical photos from across the globe. These are images that you wouldn’t ordinarily come across on Instagram. Its website is just as stunning as the Instagram account and is definitely worth the click. Trust me.


Modernoutdoors is an account that is curated by the Brand Adventures agency. Its work consists of content creation for companies like Poler and Clif Bar which market an outdoor adventurer lifestyle. As a possible career path (aka my dream job), I am absolutely addicted to its Instagram feed. The photos from this feed alone highlight the awe-inspiring work of this agency. Similar to Pangea, the Brand Adventures website is phenomenal and features a journal of trips. Amazing.


Wilderness is an outdoor magazine that tells the stories of what the Great Outdoors has to offer. It creates films in addition to the print to order magazine which documents its exciting adventures. As a result, its Instagram account is filled with electric photography and films. One of my favorite aspects of this account is the culmination of photos, videos, and tidbits from the articles themselves. I was instantly captured into the Wilderness world after briefly perusing the Instagram account and website. Did I forget to mention that Wilderness also helps to organize trips and activities? Well it does, check it out!

Cory Richards

Now this is different from the previous accounts that I have mentioned because it is a personal account. However, this is not just any personal account, this account belongs to renowned photojournalist Cory Richards of National Geographic. His Instagram is equally exciting to his work for the magazine. His photos aren’t merely eye candy, they tell a story. His posts feature stories of famous climbers and the natives who have been making these ascents for generations, making these treacherous trips possible for climbers. Great account and beard, Cory.


Braedin Toth

Braedin is a photographer and filmmaker who also happens to run his own agency, Toth Media. He creates content for companies who desire his graceful camera work. This account features photos and stories from his adventures. Words cannot describe the photos he is able to capture. I am a huge fan of the stories he posts on his feed which capture the unique process and lifestyle that he embodies for his work. He also has a dream job of mine, but for now I will just have to live vicariously through this incredible Instagram account. Makes you want to go on an adventure doesn’t it? Good, me too.