13 Hours and 11 Minutes in a Car

Here’s another blog post, where we get to see Jenny’s thoughts while traveling.


Day 1

9:42 – I hate this part of Colorado. It’s so ugly. There’s like nothing out here.

9:54 – COWS! *really high pitched voice like a child*

10:28 – There’s that lake I went to once…

10:55 – What do they grow in Colorado? It’s so dry out here. *opens google on phone* I have no internet again. Oh and now it’s back. If it tells me weed, I’m not gonna be happy. Wheat. Corn. Hay. Well, that’s boring.

11:02 – How much longer until Nebraska???

11:06 – COWS!

11:08 – Sooo many bugs on the windshield … it’s like a bug massacre … poor buggies.

11:22 – Nebraska! The good life. Really? It’s Nebraska (No offense Nebraska).

11:37 – COWS! So many cows. Aww, baby cows. Eww, it smells like cows, lots of cows.

12:24 – I’m hungry. Where’s McDonald’s?

1:24 – Dad: “Uh-oh, Jack’s calling. This can’t be good.” (Jack = my brother)

… *laughter*

Dad: “Your brother went to a nudist colony today while at work.”

Me: “What…”

Dad:  “His manager and him delivered a grill to a house up in the mountains, and at the gate, a naked man walked out to open it.”

1:27 – MCDONALD’S! Get in my belly.

1:43 – On the road again… on the road again … those are all the words I know to that song.

2:58 – Nebraska isn’t actually ugly. It’s quite lush compared to Kansas. I kind of like it.

3:13 – COWS!

3:37 – I could date a farm boy. Like not one that still lives on the farm. But just for trucks and country music and cute cows. Or pigs! Pigs are so cute when they are still babies. I’d totally own a miniature pig. Teacup pig? I wonder if pigs are as messy as Patton … (FYI, Patton is my family’s one-year-old Chocolate lab that likes to shred boxes – cereal boxes, K-cup boxes, butter boxes)

5:12 – We’re in Omaha already …

Day 2

9:43 – Iowa is so green and just rolling hills.

10:12 – I take that back. Now it’s just fields. I hate fields.

Dad: “Darn it. That was a cop.”

Dad: *gets pulled over going 15 mph over the speed limit*

11:16 – Me: “I think we go that way”

Dad:  “Jen, this definitely was not the right way” My bad.

11:46 – When do we hit Minnesota???

12:04 – *crossing the Iowa-Minnesota border* Dad: “Home! I’m home.”

12:12 – Gas and food. Ahhh, it is so windy. I’m gonna blow away Mary Poppins style.

12:33 – COWS! Dad: “Yes, Jenny. Cows.”

1:16 – So this is Mankato. Dad: “There’s the street I lived on. See those bluffs. I used to live up there back in elementary school.”

1:19 – Dad: “That park is still there? We used to ride our bikes down here to go swimming in the river.”  That is such a far bike ride. Who let’s their child ride their bike like 20 miles from home at age 9? My grandparents that’s who.

1:47 – MINNEAPOLIS! It’s on the signs. We’ve made it!

2:36 – COWS! COWS! Cows…

3:22 – Minneapolis you are so beautiful. I missed you.

3:23 – Dad: “Jen, are you sure you know where you are going?”

Me: “Yes, you go that way and over the 35W bridge like the one that collapsed.”

Dad (in a very sarcastic tone): “Aww no, we don’t want collapsing bridges.”

3:28 – Hello my summer home!