Hottest Trend of the Season: Summer Class!

By Grace Brang

Beyond the current trends of the cold shoulder (the shirts/dresses, not the attitude), avocado toast, and those red one-piece swimsuits everyone vied for on Instagram, one summer trend has withstood the test of time – summer classes!

I definitely jumped on the bandwagon a bit late, as I am a rising senior taking my first summer class right now. Had I known how awesome they are, I would have been all about this life way sooner. No, I’m not kidding.

I will admit, I was pretty apprehensive about taking a summer class. There’s a stigma around summer classes that doesn’t deserve to be there. Here are a few things I’ve heard people say about summer classes, and here is my take on why they might be misconceived:

1. People only take summer classes if they failed a class.

While the summer term is a great time to retake a failed class, this is definitely not always true! Summer term is a great opportunity to get ahead in your college career, make for lighter fall or spring semesters, and make getting a minor or double majoring much more attainable! Myth #1 debunked.

2. Summer classes are harder.

This will definitely depend on which classes you take and a lot of other factors, but in my experience so far, summer classes aren’t necessarily harder, just faster-paced. It’s so refreshing to be able to just focus on one class instead of four or five, so even though there is a lot happening very quickly, it’s a different kind of stress than during the school year. Additionally, since summer term is shorter than fall or spring term, many summer versions of classes will have to omit large projects they would otherwise have to include in the fall or spring! Unless you’re a big fan of group projects or research essays, this is a win. Peace, myth #2.

3. They will take up all my time and I won’t get to enjoy summer.

Sure, most summer classes meet longer and more frequently than fall or spring classes, but that’s not so bad! A couple hours every day isn’t taking away your whole summer. Furthermore, you get to keep your mind sharp throughout the summer months, which will make the transition back to school in the fall a lot smoother. Myth #3, hit the road.

I hope I’ve shed some light on summer classes, and maybe even convinced you to take one at some point! Although, I don’t blame you one bit if your summer needs to be strictly off the books and in the sun. You do you.

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