Shattering Expectations in 168 hours:

By Maggie Bruneau

Every single person has a goal that they would like to see accomplished in their lifetime. This could be anything from graduating from college to traveling the world with the love of your life.

Scott Meyer, Chief Marketing Officer of the UMN, challenged our CLAgency team to spend 1,000 days focusing on getting closer towards this goal.

In one week, there are 168 hours. However, each individual only has a certain amount of free time. Watch the video that was put together by our creative team as they explain how a typical college student manages their time.

As the end of the semester draws to a close, our CLAgency team challenges you reader to continue to work towards your goal despite what others may say. How will you spend your free time shattering expectations and achieve the goal you have always dreamed of accomplishing? 

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