A Letter to Nora Paul

Chuying Xie

I brought the news back from my news writing and reporting class in the J school one day: Nora is leaving. I was doing an interview with my friend X and we were talking about our journalism professor, Nora Paul. I knew X liked her classes and I was writing this “mock obituary” assignment on Nora for a news writing practice, so I wanted to know what her experiences were like being Nora’s student.

I really felt weird writing an obituary on Nora, because she teaches the next day in my information class! I will see her after writing about her death! Although we both felt weird using words like “she was…” or “now that she’s gone…”, we took the assignment very seriously and I promised to let her know how Nora died after the writing class. It was a very sad interview.

The obituary was fake, but Nora leaving our classes is real. She is currently teaching her last semester at the U.

Nora, why are you going?

What we like about Nora:

·      She always has her key hanging around her neck.

·      Her classes are so joyful that sometimes she shares stories about her dog and her sons.

·      We ask her about anything because she loves to answer questions.

·      She changes her clothes very often, and she has a style.

·      People who have a record of sleeping in class very seldom feel sleepy in Nora’s class.

·      A professor at the U said she would love a Scotch.

·      She is very passionate and serious about what she does and what she teaches us.

·      In class, she will say: “Close your computers because you’re are learning from real people!”

·      She never sighs in her class. She smiles.


Thank you for the passion, Nora.

Your students

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