A Little Bit of Happiness

Jenny Ochu

Sometimes you just wake up, and it’s one of those days. You know the day where you are running late for class and eat another sugar-filled, nutritionless granola bar for breakfast. Your stomach is growling by the end of that 8 a.m., and your eyes keep doing that thing where they’re open but they don’t really want to be. You stop at Starbucks or maybe Caribou, and it takes almost thirty minutes just to get that coffee you so desperately need. By lunchtime, you are hangry and tired, deciding it’s one of those days where suddenly everything is annoying and you’d do anything to curl up in bed with Netflix, but that ten page paper you kept delaying is suddenly due tomorrow.

Here’s a little bit of happiness for one of those days!

Justin Bieber hitting a glass door head first.

A Golden Retriever and her favorite toy puppy.

This extremely happy baby.

The little boy who got just a banana for his birthday.

A goat that handles a patch of ice better than most of us do.

And finally, an oldie but a goodie from Kid President to give you the motivation for finishing that paper and not the show you started last month on Netflix.

Scott MeyerComment