CLAgency Alumni Spotlight - Matthew Bertram

New blog saga alert!

As we settle into the new year and kick of February, our work at CLAgency 3.5 in in full speed ahead. CLAgency is in its third year and we all can’t believe how fast time has flown since its founding. We have been reflecting on our time at CLAgency and the incredibly inspiring people that we’ve met through the years. Each CLAgency Account Executive brought unique skills and perspective to the agency, and our diversity has made us who we are: a true representation of the voice of the College of Liberal Arts student community. We take pride in being the leading student-run public relations agency in the nation, and we take pride in shattering expectations every single day.

This new blog saga will reflect on the growth of CLAgency since it’s founding in 2014. As we grow each year, we strive to maintain our relationships within the CLAgency fam and we’d like to shout-out to our alumni this semester. Each week we’ll host an alumni spotlight to share some of their experiences during CLAgency and what they’re doing now.

This week, we’re kicking it off with one of our founders, and well-renown world travellers, Matthew Bertram. Matthew graduated in December 2014 with a major in Cultural Anthropology. He played a part in kicking off CLAgency before graduating.

What interested you in your field of study?

I majored in Cultural Anthropology, and then after studying abroad in Florence, decided to minor in Retailing. I soon began to wonder if I could blend these two interests. I heard about CLAgency at the perfect time. I later on decided to further my education in a discipline that blends my two interests. Applied Cultural Analysis is exactly that, applying cultural analysis in a business context. CLAgency played a significant role in guiding me to my current educational pursuits!

How has CLAgency supported you in your undergraduate career?

CLAgency helped me to gain confidence in my intuition that there must be a way to blend anthropology and business. The opportunities to present my findings to the Board of Advocates was indispensable, and that experience is one I still highlight. I really enjoyed and appreciated that at the outset, having account executives from a variety of educational backgrounds was seen as essential. I hope that that continues with CLAgency, because coming from a heavily academic undergraduate program, CLAgency help me to envision more future opportunities. I still see it as essential in that having a diverse group will help to keep unique conversations flowing.

Key takeaways: a close-knit group of students who all have the drive to make something of themselves. The opportunity to collaborate and present to professionals in the business world. Treated as a professional peer rather than simply a student (although CLAgency did a wonderful job at remembering that we still were students.) A fantastic networking opportunity.

What are you doing now?

I am now a Graduate Student in Applied Cultural Analysis at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. I am loving being in Europe with its ease of travel. My next trip will be to Marrakech! For fun I enjoy exploring a city with camera in hand, it helps me to be engaged with a new city in a creative way.

What’s in store for the future?

Once I complete my master’s program, I aspire to work in the intersections of cultural analysis and marketing as an ethnographic consultant.

CLAgency is inspired by Matthew’s appreciation of diversity in experience. We will be on the lookout for Matthew and his photos around Europe. Safe travels!