Shattering Expectations

In my four years here at the U, I have had my fair share of experiences. From crazy class projects to time consuming internships, my time here has been far from boring. But what I learned here was not about watching from the sidelines. I learned to take part in everything that I could, no matter the degree of difficulty or the time constraint. I was taught to shatter the expectations of everything I do.  

Shattering expectations is going above and beyond the norm. It is applying your knowledge and resources to not only yourself, but to everything around you. It is being able to adapt to changes that other might find impossible, and create something magnificent out of them. To simply do bare minimum is failing. But in order to shatter expectations, you must set your goals high and go finish even higher. It's about envisioning your future, but learning from the past, and applying all of your knowledge to thrive in the present.

For me, my way of shattering expectations was a combination of both classroom and community. Excelling in the classroom was a priority of mine since the day I stepped foot on campus, and understanding that I am not here to merely “get by”, but rather to learn from professionals and prepare myself for life after college. Also, I made it a goal of mine to have as many experiences outside of classes that I could. I was guided by professors and faculty to have an internship, and to get involved in other clubs and organizations. I didn't want to waste a moment of my time here, and decided to reach for what I thought was a bit out of range. I ended up landing in positions that would allow me to grow and succeed. I was allowed to find my passion here, and was not forced one direction, but instead shown many different routes.  Shattering expectations is a mindset. It's not an easy mindset to have, to shatter expectations, but once you find that drive to do so, amazing things can happen.