5 Things to do Over Winter Break

5 things to do over winter break.png

Written by: Selena Thor

The time has almost come: Winter break! As the semester starts to wrap up and finals come rolling around the corner, students are desperate to find ways to relax, recharge, and enjoy their time off from the busy but successful semester. Whether you’re traveling to a sunny place, or staying in good ol’ Minnesota, here are 5 things to do over winter break.



1. Catch up on Sleep


According to the University Health Center at the University of Georgia, college students get an average of 6 to 6.9 hours of sleep per night. And that’s just on a regular week. With finals, students are seen studying late, pulling all-nighters, and overloading on caffeine. If you aren’t planning on traveling, winter break is the prime time to catch up on sleep!


2. Binge Watch a Show


With your brain power focused on finishing the semester strong, winter break is the time to give your brain a rest! With three weeks to rest, that gives you enough time to binge watch a show. Pick something light-hearted, or pick a mystery. Still need to finish Stranger Things season 2? Now's the time!


3. Read a Book


Are you waiting at the airport for your flight or have a long drive to your destination? Then bring a book! Readings for your classes are not always the best reading material, so refresh your brain with a fun novel. Here are 16 of the best new novels released in 2017. With the list including both fiction and nonfiction books, there’s something for everyone!



4. Cook a Fun Meal


Who says Friendsgiving is only during Thanksgiving? Take some time to learn a new meal! With no more assignments or exams to study for, give your brain an academic rest by learning a new recipe, and give your stomach a treat with a yummy meal! Here are some fun and unique meals that are sure to impress your friends.


5. Participate in Winter Activities

‘Tis the season for cold weather and winter activities! If you’re staying in Minnesota, now’s the time to take advantage of the cold weather. Minnesota has a variety of opportunities to go ice skating, sledding, skiing, and ice fishing! Afterwards, you can grab some hot chocolate and have a relaxing evening!