A College Student's Guide to "Treat Yo Self"

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Written by Selena Thor


Let’s admit it: we work hard all the time, both at school and at work. We are always constantly busy, running around and crossing off items on our endless list of things to be done. Taking breaks and “treating yo self” from a busy schedule is important. Not only does it feel good, but it’s important to acknowledge the hard work you’ve been up to!

Although most college students can’t splurge on expensive items once a year (Like Ben Wyatt and his Batman suit), most college students can afford small, affordable treats every once in awhile. Below is a list of ways to “treat yo self” all the while not breaking the bank.


1. “Treat Yo Self” to your favorite snack/treat.

Is there that one snack/candy bar that you love to eat? Did you just take a midterm that you rocked, or got to class on time? Then it’s time to “Treat Yo Self”!

To “Treat Yo Self’, it doesn’t have to be an extravagant adventure. It can be a simple stop to the CVS or Target and grabbing your favorite snack. Celebrating small victories is just as important as celebrating big ones.

2. “Treat Yo Self” to a nap.

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Had a long night? Didn’t sleep that well the night before? Then it’s time to “Treat Yo Self”!

Even if you take a nap every day, it’s okay to “Treat Yo Self” to a nap. Sometimes, days are long and hard, and you need to recharge. “Treat Yo Self” to a cozy nap to re-energize yourself so you can rock the rest of your day!

3. “Treat Yo Self” to some puppies.

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Is your day not going the way you want it to? Did it rain today and you forgot your umbrella at home? Then it’s time to “Treat Yo Self”!

Sometimes, we need a picker-upper to help cheer us up, and puppies can do the job! PAWS hosts many events each week with a variety of animals in attendance. Even if you don’t like puppies, there are many other animals that can cheer you up, including bunnies, chickens, and cats.

4. “Treat Yo Self” to a good book.

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Is your motivation to study or do homework gone? Is the chilly weather getting to you, and you just want to cuddle up on the couch? Then it’s time to “Treat Yo Self”!

Throughout the week, motivation slips away from us, and we are empty handed with only laziness. “Treat Yo Self” to a couple of blankets, a cup of tea, and your favorite book. It’s good to de-stress and take time for yourself as the school year continues to get busy.

5. “Treat Yo Self” to some friends.

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Are you in need of some laughs and fun? Does your day need a little more hype to it? Then it’s time to “Treat Yo Self”!

Treating yourself to some good company can boost your mood, whether it’s going to grab ice cream or watching your family Netflix show. Either way, being surrounded by friends is the best way to remind yourself that through all the hard work, you’re friends are there to support you!