Over/Under 1: Trader Joe’s

Written by Grace Brang

A few weeks ago in one of our CLAgency Lab meetings, we brainstormed blog ideas with each other. We produce lots of blogs as an agency, so it’s only natural that new, exciting topics can become tricky to think of after your first few blogs. I had recently watched a few Over/Under YouTube videos, so the thought of doing an Over/Under blog series popped into my head during this helpful brainstorming session. After bouncing the idea off of my colleagues, I decided to employ the Over/Under technique in my next blog.

Here is some more background on the YouTube videos: Over/Under is an interview series produced by Pitchfork that prompts various artists (usually rappers) for their opinions on random topics, begging the question: overrated or underrated? If you watch the videos, you will see that a substantial amount of alcohol is involved in the making of an Over/Under interview. I did not translate this aspect of the videos to my blog series (something we should all be thankful for), so while my blog post is likely not as humorous as the Over/Under videos, it will hopefully still be moderately entertaining.

Additionally, while DJ Khaled, Kevin Gates, and Ty Dolla $ign can roll with the random punches that the Pitchfork crew throws at them, I think I will be most successful if I focus on one broad thing (restaurants, grocery stores, movies, etc.) to pull my ratings from. Without any further ado, let’s get started. The first blog in my Over/Under-themed series will be….wait for it...Trader Joe’s items!


Quinoa Cowboy Veggie Burgers $3.69

Underrated. These will literally change the way you view veggie burgers and possibly life in general. I’m serious, I contemplated writing an entire blog post just about these veggie burgers.


Truly Handmade Flour Tortillas Can’t find the price online, I’m gonna guess ~ $2

Underrated. I used to think, “Oh, it’s just the tortilla. Nbd. It’s what’s inside that counts!” False.


Garlic Naan $2.29

Underrated. UGH writing this blog is making me hungry. But for real, garlic naan is where it’s at.


Cookie Butter $3.69

Overrated. Call me crazy, I know people love this stuff. It’s good, but is it worth all the hype? Ehh. The pumpkin pie spice cookie butter on the other hand…


Spiced Cider $2.99 (A COMPLETE STEAL)

Underrated. The smell when you put a mug of this cider, hot or cold, up to your face is honestly the quintessential autumn scent.


Pork Gyoza Potstickers $2.99

Underrated. I eat at least 2 bags of these per week, no shame.


The produce $sometimes too expensive don’t @ me$

Overrated. I don’t feel passionately about this one, I just couldn’t think of many things at TJ’s that are overrated.

*Confession: I definitely googled if something like this existed after I came up with my products to rate. It does. Thankfully, only a couple of items were repeats. If you care to see what others think about underrated Trader Joe’s products, learn more about the story on Buzzfeed.

*Also, these prices may be incorrect. The internet and my last TJ’s run could only be so helpful.