Happy Birthday Little Sister!


Written by Audra Weigand

16 years ago was the day you were born. I remember telling Mom repeatedly the months before you arrived to this world that you were “going to be a sister”. It was to my mother’s relief and my excitement that you did turn out to be a girl.

For the first few years of your life you were quite an observant little sister. You always were watching my brother and I play, running around the house and competing for our mom’s attention.


When elementary school rolled around, you were so excited to go to Kindergarten and join my brother and I at the big kid school. We had a lot of good times together, from summers spent in our kiddy pool to bike rides to Dairy Queen. Those years were filled with innocent and blissful moments.

During my middle school years, we grew apart a little. Not because we wanted to, but because our age difference seemed more apparent. However, you stuck with me every step of the way, Liv.

I started high school and that’s when our relationship really grew close. You became my best friend, the first person I would go to with exciting news, and the person I knew I could count on to support me. You came to all my basketball games and swim meets. You listened to my problems and told me how much you cared.

In turn, I did my best to be there for things that were important to you. I cherish the memories of going to your dance competitions and cheering you on. Your passion and dedication to the sport is so inspiring and you never fail to make me smile when you are on stage.


And now that I am in college and you are in high school, we continue to be there for one another, despite the distance that separates us.

Olivia, you mean the world to me. I am so thankful to have you in my life. You honestly make me a better person through your patience, understanding, and grace. It has been such a privilege being your older sister and watching you evolve into the strong, caring and beautiful woman you are today. Happy sweet 16 my sweet, sweet sister. I love you more than words can say.


P.S. Now go pass that driver’s test!