Sweater Weather: The Neighbourhood is Back Just in Time for Fall


Written by Alex Cain

With the arrival of fall and everything it brings with it – the colder temperatures, the changing of the leaves, and an indescribable sense of revival after the long hot summer days that dragged on— The Neighbourhood released a new EP on September 21st titled “Hard.” With a stronger electronic influence on this EP, the band is adding a new dimension to their music, one that some may not appreciate, but that I personally enjoy. Their music is perfect for those chilly autumn days where the leaves are slowly falling and the world seems to be at a standstill, in anticipation for the long months ahead.


Originally from Newbury Park, California, The Neighbourhood is a band known for their rock and pop influences as heard in their popular single “Sweater Weather.” While this song characterizes fall and its weather perfectly, the band’s lyrics and overall sound contribute to a raw yet smooth quality to their music. This quality, reminiscent of their old music and unique to the band’s sound, makes The Neighbourhood’s new EP an echo of past albums that fans and newcomers alike will enjoy listening to. For me, the rawness to their music is similar to the rawness of fall: the cold air, the crunching of leaves, and the short-lived rebirth of color before winter comes.


The EP consists of five new songs: “Roll Call,” “You Get Me So High,” “Noise,” “24/7,” and “Sadderdaze.” All of these songs evoke the same cool sadness felt in their older music. Very similar to Arctic Monkeys’ music, The Neighbourhood is able to create a sad song using a fairly upbeat and fast melody. While I do enjoy all of the songs on the EP, my two favorites are “You Get Me So High” and “24/7.” There’s a certain air of melancholy to them, one that people sometimes feel when fall comes and the cold begins to set in.  The pairing of the lead singer Jesse Rutherford’s voice and the background beat make both songs ones to blast while taking in the changing leaves and natural beauty this season allows us to experience.