Across the Pond and Off the Grid (...kinda)

For the two months preceding my final year in college, I was in London studying, interning, and learning all sorts of new things. I met so many new people, discovered crazy new places, and managed to not get locked up abroad. If this amazing experience taught me anything meaningful it was how to live without having cellular data. So thank you, London, for making me learn how to scrape by without that trusty little AT&T LTE symbol in the top left of my iPhone.


Of course I’m (mostly) kidding. I learned so much during my time abroad it is nearly impossible to articulate in a way that does it any justice. However, I will say though, that many of these lessons did stem from not being able to constantly rely on my phone. Especially in a country without a language barrier (though sometimes trying to understand a quippy Brit sure made it seem like there was one), it seemed silly to double my phone bill for two months of convenience. This resulted in countless times getting lost and taking a gamble by walking into random restaurants and praying the food was good. I entertained myself on the tube by reading novels on novels and solving many a Sudoku puzzle. For the most part, whenever I left my flat I was off the grid and though this was a scarier experience than I would like to admit I am glad I was forced to take this step outside of my comfort zone. I noticed things and met people that I would not have had I been constantly and mindlessly on my phone. This experience reminded me to be in the moment, and resulted in London having an even more significant impact on me.


There is nothing I can generalize about studying abroad that won’t sound like a cliché, because honestly they are all true. Get out of your comfort zone, get off your phone, say “yes” to everything, get really lost and try new things, as unoriginal as all of this sounds it truly is the way to find yourself along the way and make the most of studying abroad.

-Nicole Roof


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