Not Just for Kids

We, as human beings, are naturally curious. We’re obsessed with the latest trend, the most recent models of products, even the prospect of having new talent on our favorite sport’s team holds our interest like a vice grip. Today, I’d like to mention a hobby that may not seem very new or exciting to some people; but for others can bring hours of enjoyment. I’m talking about board games. While I know you might be thinking these aren’t “new” or “mature enough” for college students, thinking back to family game nights full of classic games like Monopoly or Sorry! However, there is a world out with new games coming out every year that can even hold the attention of college students. My time in college has been enhanced by gathering with friends who are intelligent, patient, and open to new experiences enough to learn the rules of a new game and play it to its fullest.

One of the most accessible games that you may not have heard of is Spyfall. With 30 locations, like the Movie Studio, Ocean Liner, or School, each player is given a card showing the same location and is tasked with deducing which player was given the spy card. The spy card only shows the words “Spy” and the person receiving it therefore has no idea as to the location of the other players, but must work it out as the round progresses. Players take turns asking each other questions within a time limit, and can answer any way they like. If you answer too obviously, the Spy will win. If you answer too obscurely, people will begin to suspect you of being the Spy. Overall, the best part of the game is that you must actively engage with the other players, rather than sitting around waiting for your turn to arrive. Overall it’s simple, easy to start, and fun to play, even if you lose; which is everything games are supposed to be.

While board games can be expensive and it’s not always worth investing the money for an item you may not enjoy; worry not! There is a place nearby in scenic Roseville called Fantasy Flight Games. Not only do they produce and sell a variety of board games but they have large open tables and a fully stocked game library that you can utilize, free of charge. In addition, they offer a nice cafe where you can buy food and drink, including alcohol, to enjoy while you demo these games.

So if you’re looking for something new, think about learning a new board game with your friends. There’s a game out there for everyone.

-Brian Ruedinger