Freshman 15? Morelike Undergrad 15?


What is Freshmen 15? Freshmen 15 is the typical set amount of weight students gain their first year of college. I can vouch that this is very true. I’m a junior now and just recently did I notice that I gained all that weight. My family and friends never wanted to say anything that could possibly hurt my feelings, so they never mentioned that I gained a serious amount of weight.

My younger brother made snide comments about my weight, but when didn’t he?

So I was oblivious to how my clothes were fitting tighter, especially when most of my outfits consisted of leggings. That’s another thing- leggings are the devil in disguise, your body shape can change and alter and it’ll still feel the same for the most part.

 ^ leggings are my eating pants

^ leggings are my eating pants

These are the reasons why I think it happens, with the help of gifs:

1. The love of food POINT BLANK PERIOD.

2. Late night Taco Bell, or fast food in general.

3. Being too lazy to exercise.

4. Stress Eating




So there you have it, the 5 reasons I think it happens. Now that you know mine, feel free to share yours in the comments below!