The Evolution of Becoming the Sugar Mama of your Friend Group


Every friend group has one. Though I adamantly tried to fight this title, I have indeed become the certified Sugar Mama in my circle of friends. I’ve become the “fun aunt” of the gang--the one who buys Icees in souvenir cups and is always willing to spot another round. When reflecting upon my time in this role, I determined that there are the following three distinct phases of steps in earning the title:

Phase One: The Beginning

At this point you are just dipping your toes into the lifestyle. You simply want to be a good friend, and it feels good to help out when you can. In these early stages nothing is set in stone--heck there could be several pre-Sugar Mamas in your friend group at any given point. Just know that after the following sequence of events, there is no going back. It all starts with...

1.     You innocently spare a pal a few pennies so they can make exact change at the store.

2.     While your partner in crime scopes out a table, you’re left to buy the coffee to fuel the study session.

3.     You spot them for little things to get by in between pay days.

Phase Two: Attaining Sugar Mama Status

As you enter phase two, these behaviors become habitual. Many at this point are still unaware of what they are becoming, but those around them certainly understand. Convince yourself all you want that the following are isolated incidents, but you are confirming Sugar Mama status when...

4.     Everyone always seems to forget their wallets at home when you go out for dinner.

5.     When you lose track of whose turn it is to cover the Uber fare it always ends up being you.

6.     Your friends have a certain ~look~ when they want you to buy them something. 


Owning the Title

Just face it. It’s who you are. You might as well go ahead and tattoo “Don’t worry, I gotchu” on your forehead because at this point….

7.     You’ve lost track of how many people are on your Netflix/Hulu/HBOGo accounts.

8.     The servers at your regular establishments know the bill goes straight to you at the end of the night.

9.     When your favorite artist announces a tour, it’s assumed you’ll be the one to get the VIP tickets for the whole squad (and will be happy to get the first round the night of).


These phases aside, the most surefire sign that you are a Sugar Mama is that even though your friends may make a dent in your paycheck, you’ll never change your ways. At the end of the day you love them dearly, and who could ever put a price on friendship? What goes around always comes back around...hopefully with interest.

-Nicole Roof