Why I Corepower

No, it’s not just because spring is looming around the corner (although it does serve as good inspiration!). My reasons are actually far from perfecting my spring bod. 

College students in this generation are absolutely swamped. Not only are we dealing with our respective collegiate work, but we are also maintaining jobs, pursuing internships, leading organizations, networking…the list is virtually endless. But when do we ever take a moment to just breathe? I’m such a bookworm, but why can’t I remember the last non-school related novel I read? I felt myself constantly trying stay afloat with managing all of my responsibilities without an outlet to simply detox and relax.

That’s when I started going to CorePower Yoga. I made it a point to personally schedule a few yoga sessions a week so that I would ensure that it became a priority. CorePower leads its classes in a heated room of about 100 degrees to ensure that you release those toxins and get sweating. I would leave class feeling, well, sweaty, but also rejuvenated, and more importantly relaxed.

For a short hour, I don’t have to talk. I don’t have to worry about my future career after graduation. I don’t have to worry about that group project. I can completely be at peace and take the time I need to be alone with myself and breathe. I think that everyone in my generation, especially college students, could benefit from scheduling time to simply take a breath doing something that doesn’t involve extraneous work. And no, Netflix doesn’t even count to me because I’m still trying to pay attention and engage with the show that I’m watching (Lookin’ at you, Grey’s Anatomy).

Between the chaos of consuming incessant social media and studying for a midterm, I think college students should be reminded that taking the time to unwind is truly just as important as boosting that GPA. Not only will it make you a more well-rounded individual, but it will help you manage stress and stay happy. It doesn’t have to be yoga, so go out there and find out your detox outlet!

-Zach Jaramillo