Mesa Pizza vs Frank From Philly and Andrea Pizza


Author’s Note: The opinions written in this blog post do not reflect CLAgency’s or the University of Minnesota’s views; they solely reflect the opinions of a die hard pizza lover.

Up until very recently, my pizza-loving heart belonged to Mesa Pizza. Located in both Dinkytown and Stadium Village, I couldn’t lose. No matter where I was there was a delicious pizza option not too far away. But recently, a potential new pizza god (or goddess) has come to our campus. Frank From Philly & Andrea Pizza has moved a mere 351 feet from its competition.

Which is better you ask? In order to determine the reigning pizza royalty I divided the competition into three categories: variety, taste, and atmosphere.


Mesa’s menu offers 49 unique pizza flavors; everything from macaroni and cheese to guacamole burrito. My personal favorite? FMTB (aka fresh mozzarella, tomato, and basil). Mesa also offers various types of salads, and several types of canned soda.   

Frank & Andrea’s, although well known for their 26 signature pizzas, actually offers 16 types of sandwiches. My fave is Chicken Steak Pizza sandwich-- literally and figuratively a mouthful. Their menu also contains fountain drinks, fries, garlic sticks, and salads.

The winner of the variety round? Frank & Andrea’s by a landslide.


This category required an official taste test. I tried both Mesa’s and Frank and Andrea’s mac & cheese pizza to determine the taste champion. While both were very tasty-- Mesa’s stood out to me. Something about the perfect amount of cheese pushed them just ahead of Frank & Andrea’s.

Mesa won this category. From their more classic pizzas, to the ones that make you think “why?” You can’t lose. It’s all delicious. All of it.

Atmosphere & Presence

Mesa’s atmosphere is very relaxed. There is a small seating area with tables you can choose to sit at, or you can sit at the bar facing the window and watch all the Saturday night partiers walk by-- food and entertainment!

Frank & Andrea’s has a much more Chipotle-esque atmosphere. There’s many places to sit, but it doesn’t really feel like the type of place you’d sit down and have a long meal. However, Frank & Andrea’s does have it’s own Snapchat account. I’m sure you’ve seen it-- the one always on the campus story calling out pizza winners? I love it.

Unfortunately for Mesa, the snapchat account pushes Frank & Andrea’s in the lead for this category as well.

Crowning a Dinkytown pizza king (or queen) ended up being much harder than originally anticipated. My heart pointed in a clear direction though; Frank From Philly & Andrea Pizza is the cool, new pizza place to go to.

Don’t believe me? Try them both and see for yourself.


Written by Lauren Myhra