Survival Tips: Post Spring Break Depression


And… there it goes. The long-awaited week of pure bliss that we all know as spring break. Whether you were in a tropical paradise with a drink in your hand, sand in your toes or planted on your coach, binge watching you favorite shows and licking your buttery-popcorn fingers, you just experienced a week of absolute content. School stress disappeared and time was yours again to spend as you wished. 

The best part of spring break is that it comes at the perfect time of the semester, when we’re all burned out and struggling our way through midterm exams and papers. Once our brains are re-charged and found their happy place, it’s time to face the truth of reality as we resume school and our daily routines. Here are some tips to help you through the next few days:

1. Make sure to get all the sleep you can get before school resumes. You’ve got a busy half semester in front of you and your body has to rest after all your spring break shenanigans.


2. Don’t let denial get the better of you. The second your professor says, “Welcome back, everyone. Now, let’s get started…” it gets real. Let’s just hope they play a movie in class for the first week or something (JK it’s not elementary school no more).


3. School stress is going to come head on. Professors might throw in a surprise quiz or schedule a 15-page paper due by the following week, and cue a panic attack. Even though it seems like you’ve forgotten every single responsibility you have for the week or where your classes even are, remember to take a breath. You got this.


4. Whatever. You’ve accepted your responsibilities and it’s time to get going. Make a plan of your next few weeks and make the most of your time back at school.


5. Does your mind occasionally float back to #SB2k16? It’s almost surreal how fast the week flew by. Enjoy reminiscing and keep your photos at hand so you can appreciate the fun you had. Use it as your motivation for the next break… SUMMER!


- Pooja Shah