Get Out and Do Something Different For a Change

School demands so much of our time as students that it is easy to forget the people outside of your main circle of friends. With spring break coming up and midterms now behind us, there will be some time for catching up. What do you do with all this extra time? I say, aside from seeing family and friends, that you should get out and try something different. Get away from your computer screen and get some damn face to face contact.

Those acquaintances who you almost forgot about, the ones who wanted to get coffee or explore the city with you, deserve some time too. That one person from the party, you know that one time? Or at that one place? Yeah that person. They could be a good friend just waiting to be discovered.

I’ve got a backlog of people whom I’ve met that I just don’t have time to get to know, but I really would like to. Last year, I swore I’d go hiking with this guy who liked outdoorsy stuff and guess what, we never did. I saw him again at a party and he was still very interested! People just get busy and those fun plans you had suddenly get buried behind the constant to-do list that comes with being a student.

My challenge to whoever is reading this is to reconnect with one of those acquaintances and make plans to do something. Don’t just watch TV together, go experience what the beautiful city of Minneapolis has to offer. Try a new restaurant or go support some local musicians. Make the most of the extra time you’ll have during spring break. Netflix is not going anywhere, but people change direction all the time.

-Matt Weber