10 Stages of Midterms as Told by The Office

With midterms right around the corner, our account executive Laura takes us through the mix of emotions that all college students can relate too in these trying times.

Along with a little help from The Office.


1. When you realize you have three midterms in less than one week.


2. So you try to study at the library only to find every seat is taken.



3. When you do find an open spot, you then have to force yourself to focus while reading hundreds of pages in your textbooks that you should have read weeks ago .



4. And once you are making progress, the people behind you start talking really loudly.



5. Then you start thinking about how you are never going to pass these exams, never get a job, and be forever alone.



6. You check the time and realize you have been in the library for five hours straight and have learned nothing.



7. So you start getting desperate and look for notes online. You feel blessed to come across flashcards and practice quizzes.



8. You start understanding the material and think you are finally ready to ace every exam.



9. The library is about to close and your confidence level is at an all time high.



10. You make it home only to realize you have a paper due tomorrow.


-Laura Cantor


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