Little Known University of Minnesota Resources


Hello all, today I’d like to talk about some little-known resources that any student at the University of Minnesota can utilize.


First is and it’s super useful for people to develop skills without taking a 3 credit course. The vast library of training videos ranges from 3D Animation to Developer options, from tutorials in Excel to learning how to code in Python. Many of these videos are only a few hours long, but are sufficient to get your feet wet in an area that may get you a job one day. can also be a useful supplement to courses in which you are having trouble keeping up with the material, or have a difficult time understanding the TA.


Another resource that students may not be aware of is Student Academic Success Services(SASS), located in Appleby Hall. SASS takes a 5 Factor approach to academic success: Active Learning, Self- Awareness, Study Skills, Life Balance, and Campus Engagement. This service provides a myriad of options to promote student success, from Self Help Materials to Individual Consultations, SASS may be just the resource you need to ensure that this semester is your most productive one yet!

A final resource that many of you may have seen but didn’t realize was accessible to you is Qualtrics Research Suite, a powerful platform by which you may design surveys and collect data. This may be more applicable to people within the social sciences, however if you’re ever looking to survey a population and want something more powerful than Google Forms, think about Qualtrics.

These are just a few resources that I wanted to highlight for anyone who’s interested. Often times it may seem that we are not being compensated for the high cost of tuition. While I’m not denying this fact, the best way to reduce this disparity between cost and benefit is to be aware of and make use of the resources you are entitled to as a University of Minnesota student.

-Brian Ruedinger