The Great Winter Break Crash

You've worked so hard all semester. Exams are approaching, and you haven't been sleeping. Your diet has been absolutely terrible. You've been looking at screens for roughly 16 hours per day, and you haven't exercised in who knows how long. In fact, you seem to be getting sore simply from sitting in the library for hours at a time. Curious!

And let's not even talk about finals week. Your stress level has been through the roof, and although you can perfectly recite every vocabulary word from your Roman Archaeology and Architecture textbook, you don't even know what day it is. Finally, after pounds of coffee and brain-numbing exams and extreme fatigue, finals are over. If you collect your last bits of energy to survive the grueling bus ride or crowded carpool or delayed flight, you make it home for the holidays. You drop your bags and sink into your favorite piece of furniture.  You close your eyes, and for the first time in a long time, take a deep breath.

Home, sweet home. There's really nothing better than coming home to hot, edible, enjoyable food that you don't have to prepare for yourself, and pouring a big glass of your parent's fancy wine that costs more than your weekly groceries. You finally settle in for your first night's sleep... and you wake up exhausted. You decide it best to sleep until noon, and you wake up still exhausted. Besides being exhausted all of the time, you think you may be getting sick. Congratulations! You're winter break crashing!

The winter break crash is scientifically (not really) proven to be the instant after finals where your body shuts down. You put yourself through so much stress and pushed yourself so hard that the minute you stop go-go-going, your brain stops too. You get sick. You're constantly tired, and although you'll feel almost as miserable as those last few weeks of school, enjoy this time. It's a gift. 

Celebrate by laying around and doing nothing. Re-watch Breaking Bad or Grey's Anatomy for the fifth time, not because you want to, but because you can. When your mom yells at you to move from the spot that you've been reclining in for the past 8 hours, text her a copy of your transcript with a winky emoji (moms love good grades and winky emojis). Move against your will by absolutely no means necessary! Let your brain rest. You deserve this time to yourself to relax, de-stress, and recharge for another long semester!