Playlist Series- Winter Playlist and Pairings

After a warm and especially gorgeous Minnesota autumn, we’re in for the long haul that is the Minnesota winter. Whether you love winter sports and frolicking in fresh snow, or are dreading the below-freezing temperatures that bring dry skin and runny noses, I think we could all benefit from some low key tunes paired with winter-y wonders. 

Hannah Hunt – Vampire Weekend

Pair this somber yet comforting tune with one of those cloudy days that has just a dust of snow falling from the dusky sky. 

Knee Socks – Arctic Monkeys 

Okay so clearly knee socks, but try adding some fingerless gloves or greasy hair for extra grunge. 

Lego House – Ed Sheeran

The only way to listen to this song is to wrap yourself in blankets to embody the warm embrace of Ed’s voice.

Big Black Car – Gregory Alan Isakov 

Pairs well with a long, slow drive and dramatic glances out the window. 

I Need My Girl – The National 

Arguably the saddest song in my Spotify, try pairing Matt Berninger’s baritone with black tea on one of those days where the snow turns to sleet.

Flightless Bird, American Mouth – Iron & Wine

Sway to this ballad as you warm your toes next to a crackling fire, and let your mind wander down memory lane. 

Cherry Wine – Hozier 

You thought I was going to suggest cherry wine, didn’t you? If you want to be super cheesy, go for it, but I’d pair this one with a chunky cable knit sweater and an afternoon cuddle on the couch.

White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes

The title says it all. This staple for the snow-filled season goes best with a hike through the flurries.